My precious children, hear me speak
‚bout something many don’t understand
The human condition, warfare, a holy land
And to what ignorance will lead

Mankind has failed to see what life’s for
Marked the end of its era, knowledge and faith
Made sure that all it’s created won’t ever stay
So hear the story of the everlasting war

Once there was a time
Of peace sublime
Devoid of conflicts and life
Nothing could destroy
What nature created
But this beauty faded

Now, with the advent of life
Comes the dawn of perception, love and light
But what lives may also die
To resist the circle is futile

The seed has been sown
For death
And as time had passed
Man has created a world of terror and wrath

He lives upon blood-soaked soil
Treats love for wisdom and life for oil
Though what wisdom teaches and kills as well
Only time will tell

Man’s a travesty of what he’s supposed to be
A bird of prey, the epitome of greed
The carrion will decay, the hunger will survive
The feast will be over when the curse has died

It’s but a game after the garden of birth
Above the buried sun, beneath darkened skies
Nature itself shows the denial of life
Thus this is what we chose to search

Deep in the holy land,
Two sides at war, self-righteous they stand
They kill each other for ancient beliefs
No right, no wrong, no goals to achieve
For each dawn the war begins anew
Nothing to gain but so much to lose
For this is all things but a winnable war
Just a disease of hate, famine and gore

Only when man dies, his wars die too
It’s part of our nature, nothing we can do
But one day we may see
It’s senseless to fight to quench selfish needs

It’d be a tragic fate if we killed the earth
Just to improve some idea of culture or wealth
Black will conquer all that death may find
It’s just a matter of time

As the poet of war finished his speech
The children of hope could finally see
There is no servant of war and peace simultaneously
Yet still the next day all was as before
Each dawn begins a new war
The circle continues and the flame will live on
And as their legacy dies the world will be forlorn

-Music & Lyrics: Ott-