The way was long, littered with spikes and stones
I have faced all challenges man has known
It took my whole life to get to this place
and now you have come to take it from me
I hear them scream, protesting aloud
‚bout how I’m deaf yet I hear them shout
In this world the victims are divine
I have no choice but to leave it all behind

The dark is above, the sun below
They say weeds will prosper and livestocks will grow
I’ve crossed the right line between rule and anarchy
But how could I cross what no man could ever see?

Few are left, fewer still sane
All are victims to the battle’s eternal flame
Now it’s done, their gold and might ours
They have paid for they abused their power
All was not just, by any stretch
It will change once the king’s system’s collapsed
In this dark age, we found justice through homicide
We have altered our fate and will stand the test of time

A state should be ruled by its inhabitants
The law established with consensus of its men
A power this great corrupts everyone
All mercy will perish, all virtues will be gone

When time began, man’s fate was at stake
When he still fought for just his survival’s sake
Then progress came, a superior force arrived
Mankind crumbled under its own weight and cried
All systems will fail, a new age will come
An eternal war between pawns and the chosen ones
Without all the battles and burning hate
Would we still be where we are today?

It is a challenge to endure what can’t be changed
The other way’s wrath and disdain
What we despise might not be wholly wrong
With enemies like those we love and live among

-Music & Lyrics: Ott-