I wandered through the woods in search for him
A mysterious figure, pale and thin
Most say his mere being’s nothing but a myth
They were my last resort…the answers he could give

Then there he stood, small in size
Yet somehow he expressed unending might
He opened his mouth and took a deep breath
Before he finally said…

“I have come to answer your plea
You wonder why but soon you shall see
The fields of grain are soaking wet
Rains have come, the future is set
The sun will melt your work away
And you’ll forever curse this day

Look at me, I’m old as a tree
Older than a man can possibly be
And here I’ll stand, your answers I bring
Till only ashes and bones remain .

Your life’s not certain but one thing’s been sure, right from the start
One day your death will come, making all beauty and foulness part
Countless times you saw your world in shards
But as many times, you began anew cause you had hope in your heart

For many alike life is a wretched game
What once tasted fresh, now tastes sour and stale
Many of your judgments have been passed in haste
And now you wonder why all you loved has gone away
Don’t create bonds or love someone
You cannot let go when her doom has come
Whatever she’s done or what’s her name
There will be one day after which you won’t see her again

Earthly pleasures have left you scarred
There will be no end until temptations finally stop
You have no idea how often you have failed
But hope’s your shelter, without it life would be hell

Your time is short thus, use it well
Now you’re filled with regret, by your eyes I can tell
Life is blank without the decisions that you make
Choose the wrong thing, you’ll become what you truly hate

After the light glory or scorn awaits
Some will love what you’ve done, what others will hate
Time will pass, all will be forgotten
No matter what battles fought, no matter what words spoken
Sometimes so small, but we all left a mark
But it’s hard to see through a liquid veil and a broken heart”

When he felt that all is said and done
He vanished and I stood alone
My hands were shaking, struck by awe
Is this all he had in store?

But I still feared he was right
That there was no end generic levitra paypal of woe in sight
I cut the strings as a puppet of luck
Then a fountain of grey erupts…

-Music & Lyrics: Ott-